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Frequently asked Question

1) What is conox (A Monitoring Agent)?
conox is a Monitoring agent which makes you able to monitor activities on the Remote PC in real-time secretly. this tiny application run in stealth mode without revealing there presence to the end user.
2) How shall i install it ?
        a) Local Install
when you have download conox with your E-mail ID, you can simply double click the setup file, it will install silently. after installation just login to your account(setspied account) and activate your agent.
       b) Remote Install
when you have download conox with your E-mail ID, send it to any remote user as an E-mail attachment.
When the user clicks on the attachment file it would silently install and appear as nothing has happened. 
  •  You must attach conox (a Monitoring agent) file as an email attachment and then send it to the remote PC. the recipient  must download and run the attached file to install conox. when the recipient runs the file, all the activities on that PC will be stored on our server, so you can view them from your setspied.com Account. you can give any name to the attachment file   -  e.g; onemovie.exe or songs.exe (it must always end with the .exe extension to run).

  • There are various e-mail server which restrict executable attachments. To avoid this, you can drag and drop the conox into a wordpad or Microsoft words document. Now  you can email this doc file to the remote user, when recipient open the doc, and double click the executable, then conox will be installed and appear as nothing has happened. 

  • If the remote recipient does not download the attachment file and run it, then the software will not work ,you will have to physically install the software. We are not responsible for getting the user to execute the attachment file that you send them, nor will refunds be granted if they refuse to run it, as you can still physically install this tiny software.
2. What versions of Windows is conox compatible with?

conox has been tested on, and is fully compatible with Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8. It is recommended you have all the latest service packs and security updates installed, however.

3. Can conox work if a anti-virus/anti-Monitoringware/Firewall program is present?

Yes, unlike other products conox can work and deliver reports even if a firewall is present. conox uses a unique way of delivering log files and all logged information will be reported regardless of whether the remote PC is behind a firewall or router configuration, and conox can work perfectly around all popular virus scanner and Monitoringware detector programs such as Monitoring Sweeper, Symantec Norton, McAfee etc.
5. How long does conox take to download over a Network or via Email?

Unlike other monitoring packages,conox (A Monitoring Agent) is VERY small in size (2MB) and will take only a few Minute via email(even on dialup) and only an instant over cable/network connections to download.

6. Will users know conox (A Monitoring Agent) is installed when they run it?

Yes, conox (A Monitoring Agent) requires the user to run the file you send them. When they run this file, agent installed Silently.

7. How do I view my logs?

To view your activity logs for conox (A Monitoring Agent) simply login to your setspied.com Account ,then go to your Control Panel. here you have the option to download Activity Logs.

7. Can others access my Remote Key Logger logs?

Absolutely not! Every user has their own unique username and password that only THEY know. You must specify your username and password to login and view activity logs for your conox (A Monitoring Agent) software.

8. Will conox (A Monitoring Agent) work with ANY and ALL Internet connections?

Absolutely. Unlike other remote monitoring products, conox (A Monitoring Agent) does not care if the monitored PC is behind a hardware firewall or router, or if the PC is on a network, cable, or dialup connection. You will be able to ALWAYS access your Computer via your setspied web account. No need for IP addresses, port numbers, or directly connecting to the remote PC!

If you have any problems, Please let us know at support@setspied.com or Send a Query.