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It is fundamental  to register your account to download conox (A Monitoring Agent) because when you download this application with this account, your email ID has been configured with conox Application. and all recorded data send by this application stored with your account only. besides it all the commands and controls available for monitor a remote PC Available with this account.
So you are free to monitor any PC from any where by logging into your account.
After successfully creating your account you will recieve an e-mail having your Account Password, licence key  information and all the details you need to Monitor a PC through this account. you need to confirm your Email ID first  to download Papas'py, Download link is resides in your setspied account  control panel.
So go ahead and register to appoint a virtual operator to monitor any PC Globally.
        When you buy a version of conox your billing calculation will be as follow:
  • License price of conox for 2 PC will be as $69 for Pro Version and $79 for Business version as stated in Pricing Page but if you buy conox to monitor more then 2 PC the additional charges for each PC will be $59 /Pc for Business version and $49 /PC for Pro version. for example, you purchase a Business version for 3 PC the original charge will be 79+59=$138
  • if you want to monitor more then one PCs with your existing licence(already purchased licence) additional charges will also be $59 /Pc for Business version and $49 /PC for Pro version. you can subscribe for maltiple PCs from your setspied account after login which you had created at time of purchasing.